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Room-length, solid plank flooring - as individual as the story of each tree we choose. Our floorboards are a document of nature but also an expression of our fascination and passion for wood.

Floorboard production

We produce solid wood planks by hand. So we can also produce your desired dimensions in length and width. For this we only use wood species from sustainable German forestry.

Our local partner sawmill processes selected logs into sawn timber, which, depending on the type of wood, is dried for many weeks in our drying chamber. So we can reduce cracking to the minimum.

We process the dried lumber to the finished boards and transport it to your site ready for laying.

Jan Nicklaus

Founder and CEO

One topic he talks passionately about is wood in all its manifestations, from the tree to the unique knothole in a finished floorboard.

"It is a pleasure for me to open my eyes to the value of this material that has always been used. After all, it is not only one of the most stable elements and a renewable raw material - wood breathes and contributes significantly to a healthy indoor climate. I find it important to live in harmony with nature in the face of a fast-paced, technically advanced time. To conserve your resources, to handle them responsibly and to find your way back to your inner center.

It's a great feeling to feel the warmth of a wooden floor. Directly on the feet, but also visually. Perhaps our great-grandchildren will crawl on it - such a massive wooden floor survives generations.”

Installation service

If you wish, we will install the finished floorboards at your site. Installing very long and wide planks requires expertise, which we have developed over years of experience.

In the event that our own installation teams are unavailable, you can also have your flooring laid by our experienced partner companies throughout Germany - we work together in close cooperation.

is particularly important to us that the planks in your rooms achieve their full potential. If you hire an independent, local assembly company, we offer your craftsmen a one-day briefing and on-site assistance. From certain order sizes, with special plank dimensions, this service is free. For an optimal result, you will also receive from us installation accessories suitable for our boards, such as glue, oil etc.

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